ODC - Offshore
Dedicated Center

  • ODC is a well-tried cost-effective model for companies that want to increase their productivity by reducing costs and without organizing new working places and spending time on searching and hiring reliable professionals. This model also works for long-term development projects.
  • Our offshore software development center offers dedicated engineer teams, infrastructures and facilities to accomplish your long-term business objectives.
  • Work stations and necessary tools will be supplied to your offshore development team besides a well-designed working process, to get your project started in the shortest time.

Our Services

Offshore Development Center

Start developing today with a team of software engineers, equipped with modern work station and required technologies. This is an instant skill extension and labor add-on to your in-house development team.

  • Data Annotation Platform
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Big Data
  • AI Solutions

Offshore Testing Center

Our Offshore Testing service provides you experienced test engineers with skills fitted to your specific requirements. The offshore team will work exclusively for you and closely with your in-house development team.

  • Quality Assurance
  • System Integration Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Software Maintenance
  • Manual Testing

Benefits of ODC services

Access to top-notch talents
Full control of dev team
Highly secured IT infrastructure
Well-defined Agile process
Full ownership of source code
Scalable & customizable
Exclusive engineer team
English working environment
No hidden cost

Why you should offshore at Kaii Soft

  • Fast-Growing IT provider in Vietnam
  • Fast access to talent pool without any cost of hiring and training
  • Strict recruitment standards, including soft and hard skills for software engineers
  • Highly secured IT infrastructure
  • High quality network infrastructure to ease distant communication
  • English, Korean working environment
  • High level of transparency in Scrum team work
  • Exclusive Agile/ Scrum coaching services for clients
  • Onshore development team available upon request

Pricing Models

Fixed Cost Model

The fixed Cost Model is one of the most simple and beneficial engagement models, ideal for small to medium-sized projects. In this engagement model, the cost is finalized, eliminating all the possibilities of any additional service cost or hidden costs.

Dedicated Team Model

It is a team-based model that consists of all the sources of technologies, architecture, and platforms. A dedicated team model is assigned to one project at a given time, which is great for developing some big volume or complex project.

Time & Material Model

Time & Material model is used when the total work scope is uncertain and cannot be estimated. Well, these kinds of projects cannot be assigned with a fixed price and dedicated team as the total scope is undetermined.

Our Development Expertise

1. Web Application Development

Programming language: Java, .NET, Groovy, Objective-C

Web Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, js

DBMS (Database Management System): Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) & Development Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver

Web Server: JBoss, GlassFish, Apache, Geronimo, Tomcat, IIS

Web application framework: Backbone.js, AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS and Vue.js

2. Mobile App Development

Native Apps: IOS App, Android App, Microsoft Win Phone App

Cross-platform/Hybrid/Cloud-based apps: React Native, Flutter

Technology: Objective-C, Cocoa, OpenGL, SQLLite, Java, OpenGL, RenderScript

C#, Silverlight, XNA, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, Swift, HTML5, Webkit, PhoneGap, Titanium.

3. Big Data

Big Data platforms: Analytics Database, Spark, Hadoop, Multi-structured Data, Data Ingestion and Integration, Data Fabric Implement, Back End Programming & Testing

Big Data Analytics: Data Visualization, Data Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Statistics and Machine learning, Real-time Analytics and Reporting, Text Analytics

Big Data Applications: Fraud Management, Demand Signal Management, Sales Insights for retail, Customer Relationship Management

4. Business Intelligence

BI Platform:Cognos (IBM), Business Objects (SAP) Microsoft

DBMS (Database Management System): Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j

5. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Frameworks: AllJoyn from Allseen consortium, IoTivity from OIC

Different types of sensors: Backbone, IPv4 and IPv6, UDP/ TCP, 6LoWPAN

Hardware: Family of Arduino

Data Brokers/ Cloud Platforms: ThingWorx, EVRYTHNG, Sense

Prototyping board and platforms: (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), Wifi shield and Ethernet shield

6. AI Solutions

End-to-end solutions: extends existing solutions and develops and implements experimental projects from prototype to working systems.

Proven mathematical methods: a professional solution based on the best mathematical methods and numerical computation algorithms.

Mathematical Methods and Algorithms: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, A/B testing, deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks (CNN), recurrent neural networks (RNN), systems of linear and nonlinear differential equations, genetic algorithms, Support Vector Machine (SVM), eXtreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost), Clustering (k-means, DBSCAN, Gaussian mixture) and Principal Component Analysis

On premises deployment: deploy, adapt, and support suggested solutions of ML and AI within the customer’s infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions for Machine Learning: Amazon Deep Learning AMI, Google Cloud AutoML, Google Cloud ML Engine, Google Cloud Vision API, Microsoft Machine Learning Studio, Microsoft Azure AI

High-quality result: high-quality models for Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

Our Quality Assurance Expertise

1. Automotive and Embedded testing

Configure and Run a Static Code Analyzer
Configure and run a static code analysis tool on assigned your code (The tool is suggested by the team or customer).
Review the Results
The static code analyzer will identify where is the code that doesn’t comply with the coding rules.
Fix what needs to be fixed
Static Analysis developer will fix the issues that need to be fixed.
Move-on to Testing
After resolved issue(s) in the code, it can make testing on the fixing by using Unit or integration testing to make sure that the fixing is correctly

2. Software testing

We offer a comprehensive range of software testing services on both MANUAL and AUTOMATION testing depending on your testing objectives:

1. Functional testing

Functional testing (Products should be aligned with your business logical and specific requirements)

2. Performance testing

Performance testing (Ensuring the product stability based on stress, load, scalability and reliability)

3. Usability testing

Usability testing (Detecting issues and bottlenecks for product interaction by auditing usability and compiling test report)

4. Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing (Ensuring UX product deliverables positively across different platforms, browsers as well as operating systems)

5. Security testing

Security testing (Reviewing source code, detecting security issues and tracking compliance testing if needed)

6. Other Testing

Other types of testing such as UI Testing, Configuration Testing, Cross-Platform Testing, Localization and Internationalization Testing, Data Migration Testing