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Our Achivements

Project Goals

  • Development of pre-labeler for 2D & 3D annotation tools
  • Customizing of open source annotation tools


Automatic 2D Image Bounding Box and Polygon Labelling
  • Support a large and growing number of labels for 2D labeling : cars, pedestrians, traffic light, cyclists, traffic sign, construction cones to free-space, lane markings, road curbs, road boundaries.
  • Integrated with state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for auto annotation
Automatic 3D Lidar Object Detection and Tracking / Sensor Fusion Cuboid Segmentation
  • Support labels for 3D : vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs, strollers, traffic cones and barriers.
  • 3D object tracking for temporally linked frames
Annotation Specifications
  • Writing technical documents for annotation policy for detection : Object, Lane, Free-space, Traffic sing & light, General, Vehicle, etc
Customizing open source annotation tools
  • Integration & Customization of open source tools according to customer’s req.
  • Support customized LIDAR Tools and our own image pre-labeler with task mgmt.

Technologies Used

  • Django, Bootstrap studio, Pytorch, Docker, etc