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2D bounding boxes annotation
2D bounding boxes

2D Bounding Box are one the most popular and common image annotation technique used to train the AI-based machine learning models through computer vision.

  • Object localization for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Object detection for Ecommerce

  • Damage detection for Insurance

  • Fault detection

Sematic Segmentation

Segmentation is essential for image analysis tasks. Semantic segmentation describes the process of associating each pixel of an image with a class label, (such as flower, person, road, sky, ocean, or car).

  • Instance segmentation for feature detection

  • Full pixel semantic segmentation

  • Panoptic segmentation

Sematic Segmentation Annotation
Polyline Annotation

Autonomous vehicle perception models are required to detect an accurate line and length of the drivable area. Line annotations help autonomous vehicles by detecting the lanes accurately. Thereby, defining the right directions, traffic, bicycle, divergence and the surroundings for smooth and trouble-free driving on city roads or highways.

  • Polylines annotation for autonomous driving

  • Lines annotation for route planning


Polygon annotation is the right image annotation technique to make polygonal-shaped objects recognizable to an autonomous vehicle and self-driving car.

  • Ensures precise localization

  • Detects the exact shape and size of the objects

Polygon Annotation
Landmark Annotation
Landmark Point Annotation

Landmark point annotation techniques is used to make the human face recognizable to machines through computer vision technology

  • Facial Recognition

  • Measuring the face dimension

3D point cloud annotation

Visualizing the objects labeled in 3D point clouds for more precise detection and classification for right dimensions and tracking label at high accuracy.

  • 3D Semantic Segmentation

  • Object detection & tracking with 3D boxes

  • Object Classification

3D Point Cloud Annotation
Medical Imagery Annotation
Medical Imagery

AI has been advanced in medical diagnostics. It assists the doctor greatly in detecting potential areas of the disease. To make it better, it requires qualified special training datasets to train good models

  • Chest X-ray Abnormalities Detection

  • Brain Diagnosis

  • Liver Diagnosis

AI Algorithms for Automatic Annotation

To increase the performance of data labeling to train the AI-based machine learning models through computer vision we provide the automatic Annotation solutions:

  • Object detection and localization:

  • Object Tracking and Scene Understanding:

  • Full-Pixel Segmentation for Street Scenes

  • Ground truth from sensor fusion:

  • Mapping for Autonomous Driving and Driver Assistance

Big Data Platform

Providing complex and advanced infrastructure to handle and collect Big Data using latest technologies.

  • Big Data Storage and Ingestion

  • Big Data analysis

Our Achievements

Object Detection for Automotive
  • Development of pre-labeler for 2D & 3D annotation tools
  • Customizing of open source annotation tools
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Embedded Sofware Testing
  • Analysis & Validation of automotive S/W
  • Dynamic & Static source code analysis & modification
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End-to-End Curation & Annotation Tool
  • Development & Enhancement of 3D Lidar Annotation & Curation Tool
  • Enhancement of Tool UI/UX
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Data Logger for Car
  • Development of Data Logging/Processing tools to connect, retrieve, record, replay and display sensor information, status in real time
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Big Data Platform for Automotive
  • Development & integration of data crawler, processor, search engine and monitor programs
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