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Our Achivements

Project Goals

  • Development of Data Logging/Processing tools to connect, retrieve, record, replay and display sensor information, status in real time
  • Development of data viewer, playback and export of KITTI format files with time interval


Data Control
  • Implement UI and business logic for Record, Relay, System Status, and Sensor Calibration
  • Tracking the record history, Data relaying progress
Data Processing Tool
  • Data viewer including Lidar, Camera, GPS, CCAN, and Mobileye
  • Playback function based on the current position and seeking time
  • Generate files or folders for each data type : Camera (YUV, PNG(RGB)), Lidar (pcap/rosbag), GNSS_IMU(ascii/rosbag), CCAN (ascii), Mobileye (ascii), Weather (asci)
  • Export the output files with time interval
Data Logging
  • Data gathering module for Lidar, GPS, CCAN, Serial, Camera

Technologies Used

  • Languages: C++
  • Frameworks / Libraries: PyQT5, Shell Script, OpenGL, PCL
  • IDE: Visual Studio