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Power your computer vision models with high-quality labelled image and video data. Our powerful labeling platform will handle all stages and types of ML development.

KAII SOFT data labeling platform provides:
  • Supporting all shapes of image annotation
  • Supporting more 80 classes from different domains
  • Detecting and classifying the contents of images and videos
  • Supporting tasks management
  • Making labeling data easy
We provide various functionalities based on customer’s requirements with dedicated or open source tools for images & videos
  • Object detection, Image classification, Image segmentation
  • Integrate machine learning - deep learning to improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Cloud-based, Web-based or Desktop-based Applications
  • Virtual Desktop and VPN to secure valuable data
  • Annotation tasks management : Task assigning, label & attribute specification
  • Support various deep learning tools : OpenVINO, TensorFlow, NVIDIA CUDA
  • Interpolate bounding boxes and attributes between key frames - Object tracking
  • Customized ELK (Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana) analytic system